The Radical Decree

Once upon a time, in a lab far away, radical bowling technologies—the brain-child of two radical dudes—was born.

Squatch hybrid feature 1390x1370
Zing Hybrid 1600X1600

Zing! Hybrid™

Squatch Hybrid 1600X1600

Squatch Hybrid™

59 Rs2800 003 Radical Double Tote Black Red 1600X1600

Double Tote

59 Rr3800 003 Radical Triple Roller Black Red 1600X1600

Triple Roller

56 R10107 000 Microfiber Grip Sack 1600X1600

Microfiber Grip Sack

56 R10207 000 Microfiber Towel 1600X1600

Microfiber Towel

Radical Apparel 5 Gear 2060X890

High 5 Gear

Wear what the pro’s wear… or customize your own bowling jersey.

Radical Apparel 2060X890

Radical Apparel

Look your best on the lanes and off with Radical apparel.


Radical balls, bags, and accessories are available for purchase through your local pro shop.


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